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Hero Forge - Thorvald
Hero Forge - Thorvald by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

Back in December I stumbled on Hero Forge, which seems to be the best-quality and fullest-featured custom miniature maker on the Web. How I found it is lost to memory, but I had so much fun with it that I bit the bullet and registered an account, as it lets you save mockups for free.

If there's any proof I lack the instinct for self-promotion, it's that I only took a stab at myself this far in. I'm damn impressed with what I could manage with the provided kit. I debated several poses but ultimately opted for a stance that's actually suited to combat. Turns out getting a proper battle posture that still looks dramatic is harder than you'd imagine. :B

The shield pattern was made up on the fly and isn't based on anything 'official'.

Thorvald © yours truly;
Hero Forge © Sky Castle Studios.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt July 2022.]

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