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Crono by @jfong (Janna Fong)

Chrono Trigger fan art! I absolutely love this game. I can play for hours on end and never get bored. XP

I originally had a group picture, but ended up drawing a single character. I know the sword is in an awkward position, but I couldn't change it so it looked like it was going backwards. =\ This is also one of the few times I've drawn a full body action pose, so my anatomy is kind of rusty. >_< Overall I like the picture though. =)


Drawn in Painter Colored in Photoshop

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Posted: Tuesday, 27 July, 2004 @ 07:55 PM

I really like how you did the face and hair; it's just spot on!

Posted: Tuesday, 10 August, 2004 @ 01:10 AM

very nice, I never played chrono trigger, but I still recognised the character instantly.

Posted: Tuesday, 17 August, 2004 @ 05:25 AM

I have no clue, as to what chrono trigger is, but from your rendition, it seems like something that i'd be interested in, lol. the position of the sword is actually really kewl, i does go quite well with it, and everything else is done well also, good job.

Sincerely, Ikaika

Posted: Sunday, 12 September, 2004 @ 10:09 AM

Being a swordswoman, I can tell you that you can use a sword like that, but it would really only be useful for stabbing downwards, rather than the cutting pose he seems to have. But heck, it's anime--who cares? As long as it looks cool, you don't have to be 100% accurate. :) 98.99% is just as good.

I do like the pose and composition--I don't think your anatomy is bad at all. And the way you draw wrinkles always amazes me. The way the clothing moves with him really gives this image a lot of energy--I like that a lot. I think this would be a cool centerpiece to a group image, but it also works well as a stand-alone piece. Nice shadows, too--did I mention that?

Posted: Monday, 11 October, 2004 @ 10:57 AM

I like this quite a bit. The coloring is very nice, and I like the little shadow effect in the background. The sword is indeed in a very strange position tries to hold a sword like that and realizes her wrist doesn't bend that way But that doesn't detract too much from the picture, and it actually helps to balance the compostion ^_^ Great work.

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