Narsissus - Seranon - Lilo - Saimaa
Narsissus - Seranon - Lilo - Saimaa by @Kahvinporo

Once in a while, I challenge myself to paint something every day for a week as practice. My aim is to try different brushes, and techniques or just finish something! I paint these works over my own photography, and my aim is not to make a photorealistic replica of the photo - just something that captures the image. I try to use the least amount of time possible to finish each work, typically it takes me maybe 1,5 hours to finish.

Narsissus, every Easter my dad buys narcissuses and places their pots next to the front door.

Séranon, a lovely town I had the pleasure to visit when I went to meet one of my dear friends in France.

Lilo, my mother's cavalier king charles' spaniel. Lovely pupper. She is turning 10 years old next year!

Saimaa, I live close to the largest lake in Finland and I often go to walk on the nature paths by it. I love this area a lot.

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Posted: Monday, 20 November, 2023 @ 08:20 PM
Rating: 5

The colours of these pieces are gorgeous. I absolutely adore your spaniel's muzzle portrait aushsns

Posted: Monday, 20 November, 2023 @ 08:38 PM

@Buzzsaw: THANK UUU

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