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Commissions OPEN
05 Apr 2024, 06:07 AM
Base prices:

Portraits: + 15 € Symmetrical Half-body: +20 € Half-body: + 35 € Full body: + 50 €

Eyes poster: 10 € per eyes

The price depends on how complex the design and the commissioned piece will be. Cell shading will be cheaper than [full render](https://www.side... Read more

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Music shuffle questions
28 Nov 2023, 11:53 AM

( Let's bring back journal games! )

1. Open your chosen music player and put it on shuffle

2. Answer each question with a new song title (+ band)

3. No rules about tagging, just do it if you see this and want to do it!

4. Feel free to add new questions if you come up with some.

1. Which song would be playing in "the opening credits of your life if it was a movie? I know where you sleep - Emilie Autumn

(I guess my life is a thriller, *sweat... Read more

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