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May the Fourth, 2022
May the Fourth, 2022 by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

Ten seconds ago...

Leila: (as Qui-Gon Jin) "Alas. I have failed the Jedi Order. And now, young Anakin here has become a Sith Lord. I can only blame Obi-Wan for this."

Matilda: (as Luke Skywalker) "At least you weren't alive to deal with this. And this was my father."

Leila: (waves a hand in front of Kelsey) "Are you even breathing in there? (Kelsey nods.) Why didn't you make a respirator? Too hard for you?"

Kelsey shakes her head.

Matilda: "Run out of parts?"

Kelsey shakes her head.

Leila: "You used them on stilts to make yourself taller."

Kelsey shakes her head.

Matilda: "What happened? Did yo-"


Matilda: "Oh, crap, RUN!!"


Today, Mattie and Leila learned that Kelsey is more dangerous when she's quiet.


Characters outfits, Aurebesh, and concept © 2022 Disney, Inc.

Characters Leila, Matilda, and Kelsey © 2022 B Sanders

Font created by Pixel Sagas and obtained from https://www.dafont.com/aurebesh.font.

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