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'Two Chiefs' (English Version) by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

A tale of the Latez tribe of the world of Otnva. It tells how the troubles of two chiefs of the Western Nomads speak to the chief of the spirits, Lapeqatboq, led to the creation of Otnva's sun Ochnne (Latek: Jalma) and the moon Ermya (Latek: Knoqma). Before you ask, yes, you heard that right; one of the spirits sires animals to be hunted by Humans, the chiefs' heads become the sun and moon, and the second chief's head is thrown in the wrong direction. The last of these is intentional; Otnva's single moon Ermya orbits Otnva so fast that Ermya appears to travel in the opposite direction of Ochnne.

This is my first story recorded to audio. Please bear with me, as the audio is crude; I recorded with the microphone from a gaming headset. I can only hope the background music helps cover up the noise the microphone picked up. The native version of this story, spoken in Latek, is available here.

Story © 2022 B Sanders

"The Cradle of Your Soul" was created by lemonmusicstudio from Pixabay.

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