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Hitler Reviews DYOS - Episode 2
Hitler Reviews DYOS - Episode 2 by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

My 14th submission to DYOS XII. [link]

Title card for my seventh* DYOS-inspired Downfall redub: [link] Access code: 5tr@

Herein I think I finalized the basic form for all of these: the fade in, the half-time intermission, the oscillation between impulsive rant and in-depth critique... It's also this video that confirmed the project will be a little more involved than I planned, if only to top myself: the next episode actually has something amounting to a plot.

Had this all started earlier, the segment on the Faceless Man would've been entirely different. In early October I'd indexed the thread for literally the first time, meaning I ended up re-reading virtually the whole thing, and realized that the way Stylesrj was writing the character wasn't how NinjaCow64 originally portrayed him. I thought of how he could be radically recast into a truly unique villain and presented the blueprint to NC—but he never replied, and rather than risk what could be a game-changer get buried in my inbox, I handed it off to Dolfy for dissemination.

Der Untergang © Constantin Film.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt December 2016.]

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