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NegaDYOS: The Biggest Boss
NegaDYOS: The Biggest Boss by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

My 20th submission to DYOS XII: [link]
See original post for musical cues.

This scene technically takes place before the fight in CG's original chronology. I think I'd mused cutting it completely as irrelevant, then postponed it as a meta-joke about Wesker's rampant foreshadowing (as well as how he was shoehorning himself into everything he could).

The original dialogue was actually written by me as one of many touch-ups to CG's scripts. Reading it over again, I was pretty embarrassed with what I'd done—the exchange was more readable but it hadn't addressed the logical potholes underneath. Much as he mopes about this series, I'm addressing my own failings as much as his.

I meant to make a further joke that the narrator got the date wrong (2010, not 2011), but I forgot. Might bring it up in a future spoof. I like to think it took Bertie that long to learn how to read the journals. =P


Original comic by @GenMarshall

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt October 2017.]

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