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rise and shine
rise and shine by Fin Art (@Fihyn)

a very rare fanart from me xD I miiight make a piece of fanart 1-2 times in a year; almost all of my art is personal projects or fantasy scenery. but anyways, this is my wife Penny from stardew valley! every time I start a new farm I think I might try marrying a different character but I always end up caving and marrying Penny. she is just the sweetest.

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Posted: Saturday, 10 December, 2022 @ 03:20 AM

AAA I’ve been thinking about playing Stardew Valley and this artwork is super cute!! She looks so cozy and it gives off such a happy, warm feeling all around~ (^^)

Posted: Saturday, 10 December, 2022 @ 07:23 AM

@bobambee: thank you so much! ^o^ I'm so glad this gives off such good vibes <3

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