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I just draw what makes me happy to be drawing. ^^ I do a lot of colorful fantasy scenery & object art because I find it relaxing, but I also have OCs & stories that mean a lot to me and may post art of them as well. If you're interested in my stories/characters, please do check out my Toyhouse (provided in my links section.)

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04 Jun 2024, 04:39 AM

hello! I haven't made a journal entry here yet and I figured I could probably put the space to good use by walking viewers through my profile links! C: this will be so there's readily-available info about each one and what it entails.

Inprnt - this is my primary print shop! ^u^ only a select few of my best/most favorite pieces end up here, and they can be ordered for print on portfolio paper, canvas, metal, and even greeting cards. Inprnt as a company is very good about giving artists a better "cut" of their own profits than many similar sites, so supporting artists here goes much further!

Tumblr - this is where I've posted art most reliably for the past 5 years, but sadly I'll soon be slowing down and may come to a point where I update only occasionally. I got a little weary of trying so hard for so long only to see a sort of mediocre reward for it. ^^' But there's an extensive archive here of my work and plenty of smaller pieces that I don't often bother uploading to other platforms due to formatting.

Portfolio - a simple visual archive/display of my best pieces! 

Printify - my secondary print shop. I don't receive nearly as much of a margin here as I do on Inprnt so this is mostly for the sake of just providing extra options for those who want them. :] I have had a lot of folks interested in tapestries in particular, a product option that was lost when I had to take down my Society6 shop. The offerings here are a little sparse currently but I can easily add more if requested.

Toyhouse - my character repository! Toyhouse allows creatives to make character profiles and give them each a "gallery" to store artwork, literature, and other lovely such things. I really enjoy the functionality especially because you can add both your own art and also commissioned/gift art! this is thanks to a built-in credit system that facilitates linking back to the original artist. C: I sort my characters by story here, and when I can, update their galleries and write biographies for them. I do have some unused invite codes if you're interested in joining! Just give me a shout. But if you'd just like to take a look at what I've tossed up here, you should be able to do so without an account.