what friends are for
what friends are for by @marven4lyf

I always believed Ness and Porky to be friends before Earthbound. It makes sense to me because even if you answer "no" to the police officers question asking if you two are friends, Ness will still miss Porky in Magicant. I just don't see why people think Ness totally hates him. Anyway, here he is telepathically giving his friend the answers, and in return, Porky will pay for their trip to the arcade. Their friendship is not so one-sided here. I know Porky is a selfish jerk for the most part, but I just like to imagine them getting along, and him learning how to appreciate his friendship with Ness and treating him with respect. Because if Porky got a second chance in life, I think he would try to be better. Mother 3 shows us that he misses Ness too, and may feel as though he didn't appreciate him enough when they were together. So here it is- many arts showing Porky's good side. I don't think we see it enough :3 enjoy

Porky Minch/Ness © 1994 Nintendo/Ape Inc. and HAL Laboratory/Shigesato Itoi

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