Where did Porky go?
Where did Porky go? by @marven4lyf

Picky wished his brother would come home, and sometimes felt like the only one who cared he was gone. Not only was his brother missing, but his parents were often away, leaving him by himself for long periods of time. Feeling lonely and stressed, he started coming over to Ness’s house a lot more often. Ness enjoyed his company, and the two became closer friends.

Picky learned that Porky’s absence had affected Ness as well. Even though they were enemies the last time they saw each other, he still missed the days when they were friends. Porky didn’t always play fair, but he wasn’t totally mean. He was still fun to play with, and it was nice they lived so close together. Ness felt guilty that he couldn’t save his friendship with Porky, and that they ended on such a horrible note.

Ness felt like he should apologize to Picky for letting things get so out of hand with his brother. He wanted so bad to see Porky again and convince him to come back to their side, he would forgive him for everything, if Porky was willing to become a better person. But it was never going to happen. Picky remained hopeful that Porky would return home someday. But Ness didn’t share that feeling. Somehow, he knew Porky would never come back.

Picky didn’t want Ness to blame himself. They could only hope that wherever Porky was, he was staying out of trouble.


Picky Minch/Porky Minch/Ness © 1994 Nintendo/Ape Inc. and HAL Laboratory/Shigesato Itoi

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