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The War of the Steppes
The War of the Steppes by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

My 28th submission to DYOS VI.

One of the problems working without a consistent layout scheme is that scenes can run away on you. At 9254 pixels long, this was my largest cartoon until the 2010 Christmas Special in DYOS 11. So big was this that I had to split the base file into two parts, because my Windows ME rig was having difficulty running Paint with such a large file.

After a brief stint of possessing Taillesskangaru, Genghis Khan embarked on World Domination™, pitting the Golden Horde against the Russian Army. I am actually taken aback by just how much I'm hating on the Mongols here. Everyone seemed to have a favourite game for screenshotting battles: Empire Earth for the Styles Brothers, various Star Wars games for @GenMarshall; I hadn't yet started seriously trying OFP for full scenes, so I chose Rise of Nations, which I'd recently picked up. Certainly, there aren't many games where one can pit Mongol horse archers against BMPs. I would continue to make liberal use of RoN in subsequent comics, yet for some reason I haven't used it past DYOS 6.

This is actually the second of two instances in all of my RoNing that I've ever launched a nuke. The über-catapult was Stylesrj's forced-meme-of-the-week, so I was willing to make an exception.

superslug is a CFC mod whose avatar is a Western-styled wanted poster of Civ3 Industrial Era Khan. I don't know what Firaxis was thinking, but Temujin in Civ3 has to be one of the ugliest interpretations ever put to a visual medium.

Rise of Nations © Big Huge Games;
Taillesskangaru © himself.

Originally submitted to DeviantArt May 2013 as a PNG, this has been converted to WebP to fit the file size cap. It's literally the first I've used WebP, and only now learn it's a more efficient format. (/_*]

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