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Chill Art Trades - Started by: Cynicallia
Chill Art Trades
Posted: 02 Mar 2022, 08:18 PM
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I'm slowly coming back from some stressful events, and looking to forge some new friendships. I'd like to do an art trade (or two, or three) to start feeling good again. My gallery is mostly anthro stuff, but I do draw humans and other creatures. I'm open to drawing armor, robots, and weapons. I don't like drawing children or babies, or anything too frilly. My drawing time is limited to weeknights (no days or weekends). I care more about your effort level than your skill level. You can be similar in talent to me, outclass me, or be brand new to drawing. I don't mind, so long as you commit to doing your best, and sticking to whatever we agree on. Remember, I'd like to make friends in this process, so if you aren't really interested in that, pass me by for now.

Most people like to draw Nova for me, since she has the most refs available, and her personality is easy to figure out. But, you can draw any of my characters. Tell me which one strikes your fancy, and I will make sure to give you whatever refs and info you need. If you have any questions or need a clarification, you can ask. I'm quick and happy to reply.

Examples can be found in my gallery.

What I Offer (and would expect from you):
- Single Character
- Full body (no cut-offs)
- Non-static pose (nothing crazy, but no "just standing there, staring at the camera" plz)
- Clean line art (plz no fuzzy white pixels or poorly photographed pencil doodles.)
- Colored (Flat, minimal shading, or fully shaded.)
- No traced SonicX screenshots (yes, people have given me these, and I cry)
- Tame to Mature Rating (blood and substance use are fine, but nothing NSFW or fetishy)
- Pay attention to character refs (make a solid effort to include important details, body type, markings, and personality quirks)
- Minimal Background (I hate drawing backgrounds, so you'll get one of my kaleidoscopic patterns for a backdrop, or you can choose to have a transparent bg.)
- Respect my DO NOT REPOST Policy (Don't re-upload my art to any "Artist Gallery" type of Web site, such as Side7, deviantART, FurAffinity, ArtStation, Elfwood, VCL, or otherwise. Don't use it as a Furvilla Paintie, unless you've specifically commissioned a Paintie from me. Social sites like FB, VK, Amino, Tumblr, IG, and SoFurry are okay. Just remember to credit and link back to my gallery. You may post to as long as you credit on-site user Cynicallia as the artist.)
- Fast Turnaround (I typically complete my half within two days, and I don't like to wait more than five days to receive my half. Due to being burned so many times, I'll ask you to post your half first. I will still do my half, but until I see yours completed and submitted, you will only get low-quality previews from me.)
- High Resolution File Transfer via Telegram or Discord, due to most sites compressing image files. Not necessary, but available, and appreciated.
RE: Chill Art Trades
Posted: 06 Apr 2022, 07:08 PM
Hey, still interested? I don't know if I can commit to a full color piece but I would love to do a sketch trade or even some cleaned up line art. No hard feelings if not, but let me know :)
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