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Advice and critiques needed - Writing/Character Profiles - Started by: Chaos-Mirror
Advice and critiques needed - Writing/Character Profiles
Posted: 12 Jul 2022, 09:25 AM
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As things begin to slow down, I'm working on returning to role-playing. Absolutely love co-op writing! Problem is, after being out of it for so long my disorganized brain is really struggling to set up decent character profiles. Shared these with a couple peeps who say the profiles are good yet I feel like they are lacking something and could be improved on. Some of the info (Mostly the stats and char description) were set up using the preset offered when you first create a char on the site. Would anyone mind taking a look at these two profiles and offering your input?

Rhith's Profile

Blacklight's Profile

RE: Advice and critiques needed - Writing/Character Profiles
Posted: 12 Jul 2022, 11:14 PM

I think you've got a great set of biographies here. Nothing jumped out at me as lacking or needing clarification. I like that you have sections on what others have heard about your characters, as well as, their attitudes, mannerisms, and minor traits. Most biographies I see are often just physical descriptions of the character, along with a loose backstory.

In what way do you feel they are lacking?

-- BK

RE: Advice and critiques needed - Writing/Character Profiles
Posted: 13 Jul 2022, 10:01 AM

Can't deny there are a lot of 'empty' profiles. Seen plenty myself. Anyway, as for where I feel like they are lacking.

Rhith's Profile - Outside of the fandom variant, he doesn't have a clear backstory. Granted he's supposed to be illusive so it makes sense but would that cause people to lose interest? Don't think his goals and wishes are inherently clear. Again, not a crime with his secrecy. Aside from that, I've seen others put things like hobbies, strengths and weaknesses on their profiles too.

Blacklight's Profile - Biggest thing with him is avoiding the OP portrayal. Concerned the info on Anima and his Bahamut might give that impression which good role players understandably avoid. On that note, goes back to should I list his strengths and weaknesses?

Other things I've seen and been debating on are mostly minor things such as if a char straight, bi, etc. Job info, if they have one. Info that could be learned in a RP and is placed in an OOC segment. Ex. Why does Rhith's mouth glow? Do understand there's a point of too much yet also know there's a point where too little makes it difficult for one to work with the character.

Do know some needs to be edited to read better. Character descriptions, not sure if they are decent Been working on avoiding the complete physical description to offer a better insight into how they present themselves.

RE: Advice and critiques needed - Writing/Character Profiles
Posted: 18 Jul 2022, 01:07 PM

Honestly, I think what you have is great as it is. Although, now that I think about it, Blacklight's profile could probably benefit from a listing of Strengths and Weaknesses, just to offset any appearances of OP. With the explanation of Anima and his Bahamut, there is a lot of information that isn't specific to him in his profile. It's necessary information, I understand that, but that's where I think listing his Strengths and Weaknesses would help. Maybe listing things like Fears, Preferences, and Desires would help, too.

RE: Advice and critiques needed - Writing/Character Profiles
Posted: 29 Jul 2022, 04:53 AM

Thank you! Will get to adding those details to his profile when I can.

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