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Welcome to Side 7. I hope you enjoy it. The entire staff of Side 7 works very hard to bring you the best site we can.

Side 7 is my creation. I originally started it as a BBS, in 1992, centered around anime. Back in 1997, I refocused the site to be an art gallery. In the time period between late-2006 and early-2009, I completely re-wrote the whole site from scratch, gave it a face-lift, and added a tonne of new features. Between 2017 and 2022, I did it again. I hope everyone is enjoying the site.

I'm the primary, and in most cases the only, staff member behind Side 7. My spouse, Pigeon, helps out with server administration from time to time.

I am an artist, however, lately my focus has been in 3D printing.

I'm not accepting commissions and art trade requests because I'm VERY behind in the images I already owe to people.

I am a web developer by trade, do DJing on the side, have a tabletop game development company that just finished its first game, am spouse to Pigeon, and father to three kids. I'm a busy guy. :)

Hope you like my stuff. And, enjoy the site.

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