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12 August, 2022
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17 January, 2003
Camazotz turned 21 this year.
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warnings PLEASE READ

i vent a lot through my art and i may post some pieces depicting sensitive topics, i do NOT intend to romanticize or poke fun at any of these themes, i expect you to do the same if you’re ever to interact on these posts. Besides tagging i will put the images that i consider to be the most graphic under a “custom” thumbnail with a warning of the content and i will leave the full image under a toggle on the description.

if i ever miss to tag any of my submissions properly please let me know, i will fix it ASAP
Content warnings religious imagery, violence, torture, dehumanization, medical themes, suicidal/homicidal ideation, self-harm
Tags vent, homicidal, medical, blood, gore, selfh, trigger warning, body horror
what i won't tag HEALED self-harm scars, only one of my characters has them.

i have a really bad case of JTHM brainrot SAVE ME

yeah i change my pfp EVERY HOUR
i am in the process of becoming a whole different person for better or for worse, and right now i dont pay much attention to the internet or making art anymore but i'll try to come back n check on u epicppl 

STATUS: dunno

ACTIVE as usual, browsing, posting and commenting on the site.
LURKING not posting anything, but still commenting on submissions and replying to comments and messages
RECHARGING still on-line but not interacting much (or at all) with others, i might post art or journals, but i will not reply to comments and messages ( what people may refer to as ghosting ssssoorrrrrry) if this is my actual status expect me to be the same on the rest of my socials and have everything else private cus i get paranoid sometimes
INACTIVE pretty self explanatory, i doubt i’ll go into this state often as i’m too addicted to the interwebz lol


Bai-jiu, Thorvald, DaGrandDragonn, JediPrincess, 4FFLU3NZ4

Deviantart theme for S7!!

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ohh i have posted this everywhere but HERE 


i am participating on artfight this year :]  GOOO TEAM SEAFOAM!!!!