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18 September, 2023
She, They / Her, Them / Hers, Theirs / Herself, Themself
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Hi, I’m Boomie and I draw stuff sometimes! You may use she/they pronouns for me.

My brain has decided to use this particular corner of the internet to throw personal concept art at. Be that for characters, locations, experimental art, etc. Fan art on this site will be rare, but never say never! Don't worry about the already existing fan art, it's here to stay. Besides, I will still post those sorts of things on my other art sites. You could say this is my way of organizing things and being "professional' (yes but no].

My Stuff

Side 7: You are here.

Ko-fi: I tend to post art I feel shows off my skills/I'm really proud of. And ofc a nice place to have in case people would like to donate to me.

Newgrounds: Will be used for more polished/non-sketch pieces.

Pillowfort: Anything goes!

Artfol: Same as my Pillowfort, anything goes.

Art Fight: Self explanatory. I have some characters up that can be attacked when the time comes.

Toyhouse: If you wanna look at my ocs. Includes characters not on my Art Fight profile.

Important Stuff You Should Read

Requests: Sorry bud, hands are tied at the moment.

Commissions: Maybe someday when I’m ready.

Art Trades: Sorry not really feeling up to it-

Friend Requests: I'm alright with them, though as a preference I would like to get to know you beforehand.

Direct Messages: I don't mind! Just keep it appropriate please.

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Tumblr WHHYY
10 Mar 2024, 08:09 PM

Welp. So. Back on tumblr weird stuff is going down. I'm not good at explaining things but basically there is a chance that they're thinking of giving user data to AIs and stuff. Again, don't quote me on that.

In fact, this post right here can explain it better than I can.

Anyway, what will this mean for me? Well, I don't know. I'm unsure if my laptop can run glaze or nightshade. So I guess if/when I do post art stuff to tumblr, it'll probably have a watermark. Or just redirect to another place I post art too. Ofc, this probably won't affect my Side 7 stuff much, unless I decide to post things that AREN'T my usual concept art things. Past me was trying to organize my art socials (for lack of a better term) and I respect her for that. Bottom line is, tumblr is making me feel iffy at the moment and I might slowly focus my attention away from that site.