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Happy Easter!
01 Apr 2024, 09:16 PM

Or should I say "Happy Easter Fool's" due to how the days aligned?

In any case, it's still Easter Monday, so formally still Easter – and also April 1st! Relevant fun fact: Six years ago on this day I uploaded a little YouTube animation / video. I won't explain its meaning though, that's up to the viewer. :P

Initially I wanted to make something special for "Easter Fool's", but I'm a bit too tired to finish it up now, so I might shelve it to Orthodox Easter on May 5. ;)

In the meantime I posted this. At least that's better than nothing!

Hope you've had a nice holiday or time off and thanks for being such a chill site (I still need to catch up, oof)!



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Posted: Monday, 01 April, 2024 @ 09:47 PM

saysplzO noes, Jesus has dead!!1 HAV - Jesus ChristsaysplzApril Fool's~!

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