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strange sleep
04 May 2024, 12:20 AM

I was feeling a little depressed today so when I got home from work I slept through the entire afternoon but I don't regret it. It was a strange sleep at times, where at some points I was dreaming that I was laying in bed trying to get up but I couldn't because I don't think I was actually awake. I have done this before, where my dream is that I'm laying in bed needing to get up and sometimes there are things happening around me (like one time I saw smoke in the room) but most of the time nothing is happening and I either drift off to another part of the dream or manage to wake up. Never scary, just weird. Is this normal?

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Posted: Saturday, 04 May, 2024 @ 04:19 PM

Sounds like sleep paralysis. It's not unusual and can be a product of stress, so if you've been feeling down lately there may be a causal link. Besides the conscious psych-out, it's not considered actively harmful unless it's making you anxious about sleep in general.

Posted: Saturday, 04 May, 2024 @ 05:11 PM

@Thorvald: This sounds exactly like it. I didn't mention the VM hallucinations because I didn't know that feeling had a name but those have happened in all of my episodes. I'm sure it's just stress right now so I won't worry too much about it. They don't scare me that much anyway. Thank you!

Posted: Sunday, 05 May, 2024 @ 03:37 PM

@marven4lyf: Remember, I'm pulling for you: we're all in this together.says2plz

Posted: Monday, 06 May, 2024 @ 12:45 PM

@Thorvald: Thank you my friend Untitled204-20240506084213

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