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Lucid dreaming
09 Jun 2024, 12:11 PM

Last night I dreamt that all of my electronics got infected with some virus and I lost everything. I panicked in the dream, but then I remembered that this has only ever happened in my dreams. Luckily, I've developed this habit of counting my fingers while I'm awake so that I can do it in my dreams, and I'll tell you, it works reliably. The thing is, when you dream, you'll notice that you don't always have the same number of fingers on your hand as you do in reality. That's why it's good to make a habit of counting your fingers when you're awake. So upon realizing that I may just be in a dream, I looked down at my hand and behold, 8 fingers. My panic went away and my dream self went to go do something else. Unfortunately, I'm not that good at controlling my dreams, so soon after that event, I completely forgot I was dreaming again. However, the rest of the dream was fairly normal. If anyone here is a skillful lucid dreamer, please give me tips! Everytime I try to summon my favorite characters in my dream I cannot. I haven't learned that skill yet. 

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Posted: Sunday, 09 June, 2024 @ 07:45 PM

The thing is, when you dream, you'll notice that you don't always have the same number of fingers on your hand as you do in reality.

Good grief, dreams are an AI prompt! Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]

I'd never heard about this! I'll have to try remembering it for next time. Sadly any lucidity is by sheer accident; supposedly there are practices but my sleep's generally shoddy so there's no way I could maintain a proper routine. :p

Posted: Sunday, 09 June, 2024 @ 10:06 PM

@Thorvald: Yes! Dreams sometimes feel the way AI stuff looks tbh. And I actually got the counting fingers tip from a youtube video on how to lucid dream. It does work, since your dream self will mimic your waking self, doing that reality check everyday will start to become a habit in your dreams too and is an easy way to tell if youre dreaming or not... the hard part is controlling the dream once you realize youre in one. Sometimes I would get too eager and wake myself up :( other times i would just forget and go back to regular dreaming. But yeah, I also dont lucid dream as often as I'd like to. 

Posted: Sunday, 09 June, 2024 @ 10:08 PM

@Thorvald: I forgot to mention, it helps to count your fingers more than once. In your dreams, the amount of fingers can change if you look away. If you count your fingers twice and still have 5, youre probably awake :p

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