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Naruto fandom today
06 Jul 2024, 02:39 PM

I wish I could have been a Naruto fan when it was at it's most cancerous, it's funny to see posts complaining about Naruto fans in the 2000s and all the incorrect predictions from fans, awful crack shipping and RaNdOm XD joke fics, and the fankids. Oh how I love the fankids. I know my experience today doesn't encompass the whole fandom but a few years back on Instagram, being a Naruto fan was mostly seeing insecure males crying "wahhh this is gay" on a fanart Naruto and Sasuke.... Standing next to each other. Brother, if you want NaruSasu fic recs, just ask xD I mean, the OC community does still exist and was very active on Instagram but was also very competitive with each other and I guess thats to be expected "Gaara is mine >:(( Your OC sucks and mine deserves to be with him more" kinda stuff which in my opinion is more tolerable than the rampant homophobia.

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Posted: Saturday, 06 July, 2024 @ 07:26 PM

Jegus, it's kind of startling to think that only twenty years ago "gay" was simultaneously a go-to playground insult and still enough of a Black Spot to get you professionally pilloried.

And Seinfeld wonders why it doesn't work as a punchline anymore. :x

Posted: Saturday, 06 July, 2024 @ 07:36 PM

@Thorvald: Yeah and it's just a pretty stupid insult imo xD

Posted: Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 @ 02:00 AM

You can find remenants of the old fandom in some places, probably maybe a discord group. It's rare, but the combat enthusist bros..especially on roleplaying. Those guys take their Ph.Ds in "whoopassery" very seriously. Every debate probably always has lengthy discussions and sometimes even arguments, if you like that flavor of tea.  You might still run into homophobia though sigh. It's thankfully less common now but I still see blatant anti-LGBT rhetoric in some fandoms. I don't think Naruto has too much of it, but certain game fandoms like Souls-like, anyting medievalish, and -surprisingly- niche japanese indie games, even ones where 99% of the characters are females attract some um..interesting people. 

Posted: Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 @ 12:28 PM

@lua0: I honestly should look for Discord groups, could be some I'm missing. I was a part of some Naruto servers a while back but I don't think I managed to find anyone interested in like, fanfic of the "cringe" variety like me, and a lot fans like sticking to canon pairings. Meanwhile, all of my old RP partners were found on like, sham.chat and chatzy, (i think sham.chat is dead now too) Most recent Ive joined is NinOnline Discord server which has a lot of Naruto fans in it unsurprisingly. I think I'll get good at the game and then try to RP in game with other people or be active in the server but i am just so bad at group environments. 

Posted: Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 @ 12:36 PM

@lua0: Okay yeah I also remember people who liked to godmode or fight over powers and stuff, and witnessed the creation of many side group chats made for the sole purpose of excluding someone in the main one from it. 

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