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Auckland Harbour
Auckland Harbour by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand. It doesn't look like much from this angle, but crossing the bridge the district opens up.

Original photo taken May 2014. Submitted to DeviantArt July 2014.

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Posted: Tuesday, 01 August, 2023 @ 06:20 AM
Rating: 5

Best city in my opinion.

Posted: Tuesday, 01 August, 2023 @ 04:01 PM

@chaseawaythedark: You've been??

Posted: Wednesday, 02 August, 2023 @ 02:17 AM
Rating: 5

@Thorvald: I wish. Unfortunately I've never been there. I just love NZ culture. Both on an admiration level as well as on a personal level (my childhood home benefitted greatly from them).

Posted: Wednesday, 02 August, 2023 @ 06:42 PM

@chaseawaythedark: If I was guaranteed a job I would strongly consider following my friend. The biggest problem is the housing market is dominated by foreign investors and the prices are inflated through the roof. I wish I took a picture of a billboard on the drive back: "Apartments starting at $225,000" x_x

Posted: Wednesday, 02 August, 2023 @ 07:09 PM
Rating: 3

@Thorvald: I've always considered it. I've always wanted to go there and often fantasized about living there. I even have the accent for it (thanks to being ethnically Polynesian). Surely it's cheaper to live in the rural areas, no?

Posted: Wednesday, 02 August, 2023 @ 07:58 PM

@chaseawaythedark: Presumably, though the Friend's Family bought a plot on the outskirts and town planning was still finding ways to nickel-and-dime them with pedantic ordinances. The yurt was originally a scheme to cheat property taxes (it's not a tent but not a fixed structure and so falls into a legal grey zone), but that fell through as it was never properly waterproofed and contracted a mould that caused one of them permanent sinus problems. (Also the door had lead paint—the hazards of vintage construction.)

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