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Te Ngakau
Te Ngakau by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

A Side 7 exclusive! Te Ngakau Civic Square, Wellington, New Zealand. In 1987 in conjunction with refurbishment of existing buildings, the city council commissioned a redevelopment of the square, completed in 1992. Ringing the plaza from left to right: the Municipal Office Building, council offices, Wellington Central Library, and Te Whare Toi, the City Gallery; the town hall proper and Michael Fowler Centre are off-camera to the left. An underground carpark lies below the square itself.

Suspended above the plaza by lateral wires is Ferns, a metal sculpture by Neil Dawson formed from eleven individual branches. Originally installed in 1998, it was replaced in stainless steel in 2015.

Original photo taken May 2014, shot from the eastern entrance of the City to Sea Bridge, a combination pedestrian bridge and artistic monument.

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