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Party Crashers
Party Crashers by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

Inspired, at least in part, by this comic. His seaside retreat was looking a little empty, so the boys and I thought we'd drop in.
:icontrollfaceplz: Problem, CG?

After months of messing about with the metaphorical cables, I finally have Gmod in something resembling a stable state. I had very nearly given up on it for all but the most cursory scenes: it would crash on load, it would crash on save, and sometimes I'd have to perform a voodoo ritual to use any map more complex than flatgrass without it freezing on startup. Now, finally, it looks to be behaving itself, and I can muck about with all the models I downloaded over the year but couldn't test. So I did this as practice for a potential return to DYOS use.

I know, I'm probably going to take flak for releasing this now: :icony-u-noplz: "Y U NO SPEND 24/7 ON DYOS11?!?" But this is actually somewhat therapeutic, not to mention probably produced faster than the same scene drawn. About two months ago, I'd vowed not to do any other cartooning until I had the pending comic up; I've since learned that was a terrible mistake, and far from diluting my creative energy, side projects like these actually give me the encouragement/momentum I need to push through it.

As usual in splash panels like this, cameo appearances by various. I resisted the urge to add an even larger crowd; see preceding paragraph. Secret Hidden Gordon Freeman Inside™ is a little harder to find than usual. :p

Map and models created/ported by various Facepunchers, half of whom I've forgotten. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust et al.; all other commercial content © its respective holders.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt July 2012.]

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