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Our Heroes, Standing Small
Our Heroes, Standing Small by El Thorvaldo (@Thorvald)

Yesterday I fired up Lego Digital Designer for the first time in months, and the update was so large it downloaded a new software package. :p My immediate investigation yielded a smorgasbord of new parts, textures, and colours, especially for the minifigs, so I put together this novel cast portrait of a handful of DYOS protagonists.

UPDATE 7-12-12: Switched CG's sword to a lightsaber, because duuuh!; added Bjørn and Captain2.

Front row, left to right: Rudolph Krieger, e350tb, moi, CivGeneral, Marsha Conrad.
Centre row: Rhiza Kalanin, Bjørn; choxorn, Gruekiller.
Back row: Stylesrj, Captain2.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt August 2012.]

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