LittlePrayer-Memory And Regret-Sad Anime Theme by XxTheCreativeKitsunexX (@XxTheCreativeKitsunexX)

Been binge watching anime for a few weeks to nail down the sound I was looking for for this very track.

It was not easy as I wanted to do something very heart wrenching like a scene from an anime where the main character realizes he is either too weak to save a loved one or the helplessness of an event that turned out tragic he had no control over.

I wanted to put as much raw emotion into the track as I had seen countless times in anime and have really wanted to try my skills. I am quite proud of this track as it only took a day to complete and is beyond anything I thought possible.

Music is © 2023 J.Delorey Productions Sword Dancer Studio Canada LTD Image is © of its respective creator and was found on google images. All Rights to the music Reserved.

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Posted: Monday, 18 September, 2023 @ 05:35 PM

Just listened to your latest track. That was really well done! And you did it in a day? That's really incredible. I could definitely imagine this one being in a somber scene in an anime.

Posted: Monday, 18 September, 2023 @ 06:47 PM

@BadKarma: *Thanks buddy! yeah I was hoping it would fit into some kind of anime, the toughest thing was to find a theme that I could work with and thankfully I did find something. *

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