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Old Zelda Comic Page 1
Old Zelda Comic Page 1 by @migucast (Miguel Castaneda)

Okay... This was drawn eons and eons ago... I've only just uploaded to show this little piece of Red Memorabilia off to my friends since it's currently no longer on-line anywhere else and we were having a discussion of the old Zelda cartoons. Anyway, this needs a little set up, especially for you Ocarina fans who came into the series with the N64 and aren't fully aware of the details of Zelda's history.

Now, first of all, this plays off the old running gag on the Zelda cartoons (the ones that ran on Fridays on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show) where Link always sought a kiss from Zelda and never got it, no matter WHAT he did. :p Also of note, the Link portrayed here is the Link of Zeldas 1 and 2. Which is.. Um..... [COUNTS ON HIS FINGERS] ...The 5th and currently last Link in the line (and YES, I AM taking into account the new Link from Wind Waker) and takes place after Zelda 2 since he now has -2- Zeldas to play with! :p And... Before you ask, that's Sprite, and I just got lazy and drew her Navi-Style. :p

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Posted: Thursday, 12 December, 2002 @ 02:51 PM

Thanks! ^^ I'm glad still find this amusing!

BTW, the Moblins look kind of like dogs, because they ARE dogs. Bull dogs, to be exact. Though, lately I've noticed people confusing them with the pig warriors that seem to becoming more and more the norm for Gannons forces these days. [SHRUGS]

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