Sketchbook Steve
Sketchbook Steve by @Agondray

Yet another picture from my high school sketchbook.

Ah yes, the classic default player skin from the ever-popular Minecraft. He has scaled blocky cliffs, mined and processed precious ores, hunted and farmed his own food, fought and slain countless monsters of all blocks and sizes, created tons and tons of houses and cities, literally travelled head deep into hell and back, uncovered ruins, explored caves and all types of environments, tamed wild wolves and horses, conquered strongholds, discovered a mysterious and shadowy dimension, and even went head-to-head with a freakin’ DRAGON and it’s army of tall, creepy shadow people!

Honestly, the list just goes on, and on, and on! Despite his rather simple name, this guy is an absolute BEAST of a block man!

Please, take time to bask in the almighty, blocky glory of this amazing, incredible individual. The one known as . . . STEVE!

Steve is owned by Mojang

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