Sketchbook MC Creeper
Sketchbook MC Creeper by @Agondray

As of yet another entry of my sketchbook from the institution of my teen years.

Ah yes; the strange, green, explosion-happy creatures from the countless worlds from the pixel universe known as Minecraft. Something so beloved by many, yet so hated by just as much people at the same time. A species that have whole constructs and monuments dedicated to them, yet also so reviled by gamers worldwide; especially if they decide to detonate and destroy all of one’s hard work, just because they didn’t place torches everywhere or pay attention to their surroundings. Creatures so iconic and recognizable . . . yet they also are; as many, many builders, adventurers, and redstone technicians would label as . . . THE absolute worst!

I give you a chance to witness this mobile entity. I give you . . . the humble, hissing CREEPER!

Creepers are owned by Mojang

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Posted: Sunday, 19 March, 2023 @ 05:52 AM
Rating: 5

to this day they still don’t fail to jumpscare me ! i hate creepers
but this drawing is so cutee

Posted: Sunday, 19 March, 2023 @ 05:37 PM

@Camazotz: Yeah, whenever I play Minecraft, I always make sure to look around and listen when I go exploring at night or in cave systems. But occasionally, they still somehow catch me off-guard. At least they drop gunpowder if you manage to slay one.

Also, thank you!

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