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Caedadid Xenology
Caedadid Xenology by @rollee (Rollee Bitterblossom)

The Caedadids are a species of insectile humanoids evolutionarily designed to be the perfect invasive species. Their hideous strength, keen senses, and lightning reflexes makes them a capable threat, even against civilizations of high level technology.

Though highly instinct driven, Caedadids are far from mindless. They are psychologically specialized in learning languages and conversing with one, you might find it difficult to see them as a planetary threat. They are talkative and tend to be friendly, albeit a bit aloof. The average Caedadid bears no real malice and most of the time are quite submissive, generally willing to do what they are told. They don’t generally have a preference for killing and will generally mostly attack if threatened or if hungry, although it is worth noting they are very often hungry.

In truth, this all seems to be by some sort of sick evolutionary design. Their passivity makes it likely that other species will tolerate them. Their naive and submissive nature almost seem to invite civilizations to try to exploit them in some way. All the while this gives them the time they need to populate their numbers, which they do so with frightening speed. Once their growing insatiable presence becomes an unignorable burden it is only a matter of time before more and more stringent attempts at controlling them finally triggers a hostile response. War is usually inevitable and the host planet will come to realize the Caedadid are quite good at it.

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Posted: Tuesday, 15 August, 2023 @ 09:02 PM
Rating: 5

Fascinating. The kind of species that makes trying to be humane an all-or-nothing challenge that there is just no winning.

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