Shrimple and cream
Shrimple and cream by @uu-hime (Uta)

I couldn't think of a better title for this lmao

Origninally posted last year, around December.... 15th? I think? I drew it months earlier, though. Michi and Asera started out their lives as Kingdom Hearts OCs, so I thought it'd be fun to redesign their old outfits as something they'd wear now. Also, I needed an excuse to draw Michi in a halter top. I think she looks really good in them Also fun fact the background was done by mistake but I liked it so much I kept it lol

"Shrimple and Cream" is a joke on the Kingdom Hearts theme song -- "Simple and Clean" by Utada

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Posted: Tuesday, 01 August, 2023 @ 12:03 AM
Rating: 5

Very nice. I like the casual look.

Posted: Saturday, 05 August, 2023 @ 12:49 AM
Rating: 5


Posted: Monday, 23 October, 2023 @ 11:53 PM


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