Here We Are -- Windy Summer!
Here We Are -- Windy Summer! by @uu-hime (Uta)

Any opportunity to draw these two at the beach I leap at.

Fun fact, this has TWO different wips that I merged together because I didn't want them to go to waste alkjds

Title is in reference to Windy Summer by Anri

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Posted: Wednesday, 12 July, 2023 @ 01:41 PM
Rating: 5

Very lovely work. Nice job with the water reflections on the legs; that kind of feels like something other people forget.

Posted: Wednesday, 12 July, 2023 @ 04:16 PM

@fragmented_imagination: Thank you! Yeah, that was something I noticed looking at tutorials for water scenes. I dunno why people forget it's reflective so often

Posted: Friday, 14 July, 2023 @ 09:22 PM
Rating: 5

Summer vibin’!! The colors, the reflection, the water. This’d be such a cute polaroid memory

Posted: Friday, 14 July, 2023 @ 10:29 PM

@bobambee: I KNOW, RIGHT! I wanna go to the beach so bad :

Posted: Saturday, 15 July, 2023 @ 05:12 AM

@uu-hime: you and me both 😭 especially when it’s the prime time season for it right now

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