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Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

My third submission to DYOS IX.

My intended second comic in the thread planned to tie myself into the greater plot by 'accidentally' shooting down taillesskangaru in his flight to the Arctic, but events were moving insanely fast and the mostly-finished page ended up shelved as the North Pole became the latest stop for the "Scrolls of Cohesiveness", and thus, the attention (and armies) of everyone else. What was supposed to be a safe little in-joke following up on the theme of the previous page, inadvertently worsened the thread's already-frayed coherence as, true to form, Stylesrj blew this tangent into an international incident beyond my control.

Another excuse to showcase the recently-acquired Canadian Forces, this is, I believe, the first showcase of the winter map conversions; in an amusing editorial in-joke, both the Canadian and Russian scenes technically take place at the same dock. :p The final panel is in reference to difficulties the Canadian Navy was facing maintaining its subs which, apparently, did not get better.

The news anchor is actually French journalist Mélissa Theuriau, who unlike imageGenerator.net, remains gainfully employed.

Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: Cold War Assault © Bohemia Interactive.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt January 2023.]

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