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May 15 - Point of Divergence
  • Time-travelling Edward Richtofen gives CivGeneral the complete history of DRAW Your Own Story 10-10.5.
  • CurtSibling emerges as the leader of a neofascist army in Scotland, provoking a British "civil war"; his rival Kan' Sharuminar makes a global appeal for aid. The Spam Wars officially begin.
  • England and Ireland fall to CurtSibling; Wales, largely overlooked, succumbs to a socialist one-party state. NATO declares "police action" against the Sibling Empire. In retaliation, Curt begins the conquest of continental Europe.
  • Disheartened by the manipulative politics of his future and his own seeming helplessness in it all, CivGeneral retires from the Armed Forces. Without him at the helm, Coruscant does not join the Spam Wars.
  • Benelux conquered by Curt. Mainland France falls weeks later; the government refuses to surrender and retreats to its overseas territories, but France is effectively out of the war.
  • Andorra, Spain, and Portugal fall. Two-pronged offensive against Germany and Switzerland. Curt begins incursions into the U.S. heartland. Coruscant realizes war is inevitable, but Curt launches a peremptory assault on Japan before the country can fully mobilize, and it enters the war at a disadvantage from which it never recovers.
  • Washington, D.C. falls by the end of the year. Monaco surrenders without a fight. Switzerland occupied after months of vicious fighting. Realizing the severity of threat, other European states join the fight.


  • China declares war on Coruscant in reclamation of Taiwan. With control of the U.S. east coast reasonably secured, Curt's Atlantic expedition strikes Coruscant's capital region, obliterating Republic Island. Southeast Asian/Pacific powers declare war on Curt in defence of Japan.
  • Its capital lost, Coruscant is defeated soon afterward; off-world territories defect to the resurgent Galactic Empire, who aligns with Curt. CivGeneral organizes a resistance movement, but it is crushed within a month. CivGeneral is imprisoned in Spamingrad; most of the collaborators are executed.
  • South America joins the war against Curt, who responds by invading Brazil. His momentum finally wanes as forces are split between four separate fronts.


  • Various African nations join the war against Curt. Frequent battles occur across the globe, but no tangible gains are made by any side. Australia and New Zealand withdraw from the war later in the year unoccupied, but economically devastated. Curt defeats South Korea and designates his holdings the "Pacific Commission".


  • Stephen Harper becomes 22nd Prime Minister of Canada. He will proceed to centralize power and undermine the constitution, eventually re-crafting the country into a capitalist dictatorship under evangelist auspices.
  • Broke and war-weary, the remaining free European powers negotiate peace with the Sibling Empire, allowing Curt to concentrate on the Americas.
  • Perfection acquires Africa and fills it with launch arcologies; he allies with Curt, eliminating official African opposition to the Sibling Empire. Transatlasian sovereignty is partially affirmed; the state continues to endure internal resistance to the present day.
  • Emergence of the Styles Brothers. Stylesjl founds the nation of Pontbride by occupying islands in the South Pacific; after being driven from Earth, Stylesrj becomes the Sibling Empire's main enemy on the cosmic battleground.
  • Taillesskangaru establishes the Taillenian Socialist Republic out of a destitute Australia, and quickly proceeds to subjugate neighbouring Oceanic powers.
  • Manfred von Richtofen, loosely aligned with the Styles Brothers, establishes the "Flying Circus mk.II" in central South America.
  • Thorvald of Lym founds the Eastern Union from the ruined Nordic and Baltic states. Its influence soon spreads across much of eastern Europe. The Union begins funding a Middle-Eastern insurgent group dubbed the "Fennec Cell" to act as proxy influence in the region.
  • Pontbridge and Taillenia engage in on-and-off border skirmishes; Taillenia invades south Asian states to expand its influence.
  • Curt's and Thorvald's forces meet for the first time. Thorvald pledges allegiance to Curt, forming the Tripartite. Outraged over ideological "betrayal", the Fennecs split from the Union.
  • Mr. Toyoda declares the island of Hokkaidō an independent state. At Thorvald's suggestion, the Triumvirate sends in the army to crush the dissent, provoking open war.


  • Curt and Thorvald negotiate a land treaty to divide up the remaining European powers, who do not resist. The Union begins annexing Asian neighbour states.
  • The Fennecs rally most of the Middle East to their cause, forming the non-aligned "Fennec Alliance". Attempts at courting Turkey backfire and spark a brief war; Turkish politics is destabilized, resulting in the rise of Matthew Barabas as president, who attemps to turn the country into a neo-Byzantine empire.
  • Curt grants Greece, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo semi-independent status under the puppet Alliance of Hellas, believed to be a provocation toward the new Mathal Byzantium.
  • Taillenia reorganizes its continental Asian territories into a puppet coalition dubbed the "Global Defense Treaty". Covert actions begin in Mexico.


  • After two years of bloody deadlock, the Triumvirate humiliatingly concedes to peace with Toyoda. The Hokkaidō Free State is officially recognized in exchange for Toyoda ceasing open aid to regional rebels.
  • War in South America ends. Surviving nations organize into the Confederacy of South America. Curt can finally focus his attention on the USA.


  • Canada officially renamed the Capitalist Theocracy of Harperland.
  • The United States capitulates. George W. Bush flees to Texas and establishes "Dubya's Empire"; for reasons unclear, Curt lets it live. A race begins between the Sibling Empire and Taillenia to seize remaining territory.


  • Curt and Tailless draw borders, and a truce, ending the Spam Wars. Sporadic rebellions continue to occur around the world, but at the state level, peace is finally attained. The Caribbean and Indian Ocean Commonwealths emerge from the countries miraculously untouched by the world war. The Eastern Union institutes a cyborg supersoldier programme that revolutionizes its military.


  • Strength restored, CurtSibling renews war with Taillenia.
  • CivGeneral escapes from Spamingrad and reaches remnant Coruscantis of Vault 44. The following day, he instigates an uprising and seizes control of New London.

And so begins our story...

Prelude - 2011 Timeline by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

Before I begin crafting this Alternate Timeline spin-off story, I should probably outline the alternate timeline from which it derives. I preface with a DISCLAIMER that this timeline and all that follows from it is my personal and subjective interpretation. It's not strictly analogous to the sequence of events as portrayed in DYOS XI; some dates have been adjusted for the purpose of the narrative—in fact, it contradicts the very comic that started it all. While I have tried to model it as closely as possible to my recollection of what happened in past DYOSes, I don't have specific dates to verify, and most of the time I'm guessing at how my fellow contributors would play these actions out.

Now with that out of the way...

This is still very much a rough outline and is likely to be revised/expanded, maybe multiple times. Understanding the course of the war, or even the political setup, shouldn't be crucial; the important bits are that Coruscant was crushed and that I'm a villain in this. =P

UPDATE 5-17-13: Added a more detailed account of the European theatre I'd originally opted to leave out; updated credits links.

CivGeneral & the Republic of Coruscant © @GenMarshall;
CurtSibling, Kan' Sharuminar, Perfection (character), Stylesrj & Stylesjl © themselves;
Edward Richtofen © Activision;
the Galactic Empire and all things Star Wars © Lucasfilm;
Taillesskangaru & Taillenia © taillesskangaru;
Thorvald of Lym, Mr. Toyoda & the Eastern Union © me;
Transatlasia © Gruekiller.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt January 2012.]

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