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Event Archive - Started by: fragmented_imagination
Event Archive
Posted: 02 May 2022, 04:26 PM
In light of the Junicorn 2022 suggestion on another thread, I had this thought. Would it be possible to archive works related to events such as Junicorn and Drawtober in a separate location? The idea would be that people who participate in these events could have their work saved/linked to a separate, site-wide archive which functions specifically to collect works submitted for events. So, for example, if users or guests wanted to look at Junicorn 2022 perhaps two years later, the archive would have all works submitted by all users for that specific event saved for people to easily browse and compare works pertinent to that event rather than muddling around user profiles trying to find who participated and what they submitted. I know the site has tags, but it feels more substantial if works for these events had an archive that could be browsed without having to submit a search for every event.
RE: Event Archive
Posted: 02 May 2022, 05:50 PM
That's a good idea, and one that I might be able to implement in the future. Need to just determine the most efficient and user-friendly way of going about that.

-- BK

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