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Commission plug: DeVergilia
12 Jun 2024, 02:34 AM

I've never felt "influential" enough to be a meaningful signal booster, but an artist I follow on DeviantArt, DeVergilia, is looking to get out of Russia and is running sketch commissions to help raise the ransom:


She's one of the best I've personally met, is extremely friendly, and is a master of furry and human subjects alike. If you need class, give her a call. You won't be disappointed. :D

Payment accepted through Patreon, PayPal, and Boosty; contact her here:

(No I have not convinced her to join Side 7.) :c

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Posted: Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 @ 10:20 AM

Plugs be plugs, hopefully it helps

Posted: Thursday, 13 June, 2024 @ 05:08 AM

@Danimarion: The fingers are crossed. /||\

Posted: Wednesday, 12 June, 2024 @ 05:07 PM

Yikes, if ever there was a worthy fundraiser this side of GoFundMed... HAV - Kate Beaton 2

Unfortunately most of the people I know who could take, I've been out of touch with for about two years. I still have a couple friends who might be able to chip in though...

Posted: Thursday, 13 June, 2024 @ 05:15 AM

@Thorvald: Yeah, I'd known for a few months she'd been looking to move in the aspirational sense, so when she dropped this I thought "oh shit". I know a few Russian artists and I always wonder how the war's leaning on them. :(

Here's the DA post, if you want to link the source around the site.

Posted: Thursday, 13 June, 2024 @ 02:36 AM

Im sending good luck her way! :0 my budget is already used up for this month but if she's still running it by next month I'll check her out! :]

Posted: Thursday, 13 June, 2024 @ 05:19 AM

@Fihyn: Thank you kindly! Sadly I've not got into e-commerce for various reasons so Thoughts and Prayers are my best offer too. ^^;

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