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Kellogs crunch packets.
10 Apr 2024, 05:50 AM

Crunch the pain away!

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04 Apr 2024, 05:49 PM

Member of Sejm.

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Look ah I dunt wanna be that guy...
20 Mar 2024, 04:31 PM

But a number of Side7 members have crusty snot.

I won't name names... But I'm sure we all know who they are.

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Hab hab.
16 Mar 2024, 07:05 AM

Killa kebab.

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Real Estate Agents.
13 Mar 2024, 03:06 AM

Ooooo I will get yeee!

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Ooooo the Irish Governor is coming to town!
25 Feb 2024, 01:05 PM

You all better clean your acts up.

That's all I'm saying.

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No idea.
24 Feb 2024, 03:02 PM

You have no idea what's coming.

Better save up them Cadbury stickers or no parsnip paste for yew.

Get rockin them xrows and them elbows.


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Go listen to your spider songs.
22 Jan 2024, 11:25 AM


I eat a hearty, tasty and nutritious stew.

You'll see!

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Don't set off fireworks inside your house.
18 Jan 2024, 05:32 AM

Don't do it.

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I need to draw more ships.
17 Jan 2024, 07:58 AM

All kinds.

But first of all I need to draw THEIR ship, along with Sokisa's fighter and the shuttle craft.

So three ships...

I get too focused on drawing people, aliens, clothes and weapons.

Need to focus deeper on ships and tech.

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Wwwhhhheeeww sausage stew!
15 Jan 2024, 04:57 PM

Nothing more delectable and uplifting than a hearty, heartfelt and spicy sausage stew.

It's more than a meal, it is one of the great and wholesome pleasures of life.

There's a lifestyle to come with it.

One of straw brim hats and overalls, smokin rollies and kicking people out of flying helicopters.

Buying the cheap, off brand soft drinks, have that sausage stew after an entree of raw green cabbage and chain smoking.

Practice knife fighting with a screwdriver in the mirror.

It'... Read more

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31 Dec 2023, 03:12 AM

All yew people out there drinking your Flemmo Blemmo drinks.

You're pathetic.

Get a life.

Real warriors drink energy drinks mixed with coffee and lemon.

Flemmo Blemmo losers.

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I don't care anymore!
29 Dec 2023, 09:22 AM

I'm gonna say what I want to say about him, I don't care if he sees this.

He has friends with names like Klum and Flommocks.

Look at the company he keeps.

Hal'babala'wahala kadal'habala on him.

Three thousand times will he clean his nail clippers, but only five hundred times will he clean them properly, his cleanliness will be like that of a stork.

He will fail in Hubluk each and every time.

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Everybody watch out for Captain Slim J
26 Dec 2023, 10:44 AM

Every body watch out for Captain Slim J.

He is a violent man and if he rolls up here...

The entire operation is done.

Thank you.

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Non denominational.
25 Dec 2023, 08:50 PM

And non offensive.

This occured upon day of 25th December 2023?

Questions have to be asked about those who attended fewer than three different cafes on this day.

I'm told drink driving is also an ongoing issue in society across the globe.

Anyone here associate a particular species of tree with said activity?

I caution you; some trees are not to be spoken of.

Thank you.

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Drinking that Pepsi.
18 Dec 2023, 04:16 AM

Everyone clap for the Pepsi man as he dances.


Watch him wiggle and jiggle, he will roll to the goal.

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Fish pudding.
04 Dec 2023, 10:35 AM

I've never had it.

Dunno if I'd like it or not.

Would YOU?

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Beware of the salesman.
02 Dec 2023, 05:30 AM

Beware a time when a man by the name of Shimmy Timmy comes to this place.

For he will offer seemingly good quality merchandise at good prices.

But he seeks to defraud you.

Beware his shiny eyes.

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The armies of he.
30 Nov 2023, 07:23 AM

He will have in his army, ten thousand pirates of old Sheeba, and seventy thousand horsemen from Parthia.

He will attack from land and sea.

He will bind a three faced devil into servitude to him.

The this demon of three faces will be more wicked than he, for they will torment and terrorize the innocent.

But a brave mechanic will expose the sins of the demon and they will be prone to beheading by honoured Khaazim.

@w£@ £@@/,

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There is one among you.
29 Nov 2023, 02:03 AM

He is of lands of ancient beyond ancient, forgotten Kingdoms of Dravidians.

He yields to the authority of the blood line of slave and messenger. He wears upon him a mark of defiance and conspiracy against authority.

Some say he will be of red and white.

Beware he who will paint the same thing again and again, but he will change it in slight ways. He will understand nuance and notice small things.

He knows much of robots, his intentions are complex and evil.

Though he intends t... Read more

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So ah, I'm putting it on record.
12 Oct 2023, 03:39 AM

I want to do something new, away from my current ideas.

Something small scale, and essentially like a...

Mythology, gods and heroes, potentially small scale Trojan war-esque story.

About heroic figures, tragedy, feuds, vendettas, pacts with cruel gods.

I have a hard time articulating it... Definitely mortal centric, but told in a way where these people are larger than life and they're wrapped up in something much bigger than they are... But they themselves can't even see the tree... Read more

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Dagger in your eye for a alf a shilling bruv
01 Oct 2023, 08:53 PM

Livin in your houses.

I'm better than you.

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A song for the fallen.
26 Sep 2023, 01:29 AM

I'd like to share with you a song I wrote commemorating the victims of 1992 Barcelona Olympics.








They were a cruel organization and I will never forgive them. ... Read more

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Writing a journal? It's come to this has it?
18 Jul 2023, 07:06 AM

I don't like that I'm doin this.

However, you know who you are...

I've never claimed that I was going solve all your problems, I've made no such promises.

Whether you flip the board or not, you'll still have problems.

So would you again like to consider my usual piece of advice?

Whatever stresses and issues you're having, concentrate it into your hobbies and goals.

Instead of self destructive nonsense.

Get back to your embroidery woman.

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