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Moved out
03 Jun 2024, 12:52 PM

Okay this is going to be a personal rant journal so don't read of you don't want to, I don't expect anyone to care I just need to get this off my chest. But recently I have decided to move in with grandma and brother after having had enough of my mom's disrespect. For the record, she is my step mom, my biological mom has been out of the picture for years at this point. But basically my mothers logic is very flawed and my personal theory is that she was trying to keep me broke so I couldn't move out. Along with constantly trying to scare and belittle me out of leaving, she also downplays my achievements and contributions. Claiming I live there for free even though I help pay bills on top of letting her use my card to buy groceries. I clean, take out the trash, do the dishes and work full time, and struggled to save up despite not even spending that much on myself, I even have a savings account. But she still told me to get a night job and calls me irresponsible if I forget to do my chores. She knows I want to move out and instead of supporting or helping me, she said I should be greatful for all the land we have, that I should convert a shed into a house and live on the property like... why would I do that if my ultimate goal is to move out? I don't think it's as easy as she claims it is. But when I confront her about trying to prevent me from leaving and respectfully tell her I feel unappreciated (I even acknowledged that she does a lot for me that I'm greatful for) she freaks the fuck out and starts listing everyway I've wronged her and what she's done for me, claiming that I'm twisting her words and that she "treated me like her own daughter." I should mention that she always talks about how she was forced to take care of me growing up because my father was neglectful, she always rants about him to me as if it doesn't hurt me as well being reminded of it. And it always just made me feel like a burden. She claimed that I need therapy and that I don't benefit her at all during her freak out and then gave me until the end of June to leave. I am very lucky to have somewhere else to go. Now I'm living with my brother and grandma, and hopefully I can save up enough over time to move out and live on my own. 

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Posted: Monday, 03 June, 2024 @ 02:14 PM

Best of luck to you. Sounds like a very abusive and unsupportive environment that you were in. I'm glad you had someplace to move to for the interim.

Posted: Monday, 03 June, 2024 @ 02:38 PM

@BadKarma: Thank you, I'm starting to realize it now. I think i was trying to pretend it wasn't happening until I could move out but started to realize I would never be able to leave, but trying to set boundaries with some people is just not possible. I'm very glad for my grandmother's support. 

Posted: Monday, 03 June, 2024 @ 05:44 PM

@marven4lyf: Aye, this is textbook abuse—it sounds like she wanted to keep you dependent as a domestic servant. From what you describe I'm amazed you had any free time at all. HAV - Kate Beaton 2

Thank God for grandparents.

Posted: Monday, 03 June, 2024 @ 05:58 PM

@Thorvald: I did indeed struggle to find free time a lot, and I honestly just thought she wanted to teach me to be responsible but man her methods were just hurtful and didn't respect my time. I really don't think I'm that lazy, and I'll still keep up with chores at the new house. Yeah I just don't want to feel like a servant.

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