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Caedadid Variant: Hornets
Caedadid Variant: Hornets by Rollee Bitterblossom (@rollee)

Hornets are a, luckily, rare Caedadid Variant unique to their females. With long talons, bladed mandibles, an additional pair of eyes; their mantis-like silhouette makes their vicious role immediately obvious. While an average Caedadid is a deadly monster in their own regards, they are not the single minded killers like the Hornets.

More so than their obvious physical variations, Hornets differ most in their mentality. They are openly vicious; a stark contrast to the mostly apathetic personality of other Caedadids. Even other Caedadids tend to find the presence of these psychopaths unsettling, a fact that the usually anti-social Hornets themselves are perfectly happy with.

Shortly after reaching maturity Hornets quickly move out of their hive on their own. Prefering to be alone they hunt on their own, and do so not just for survival but for sport. These lone wolves can be an absolute scourge to nearby populations.

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Posted: Saturday, 09 September, 2023 @ 12:18 AM
Rating: 5

Make a good note, kids: this is what happens when your evolution does acid. Awesome creature! It sounds as psychotic as it looks.

Posted: Saturday, 09 September, 2023 @ 11:45 AM
Rating: 5

Love the chitinous shading!

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