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v5.18 After-Action Report - Started by: Thorvald
v5.18 After-Action Report
Posted: 16 Sep 2023, 07:50 PM

This is part bug report, part feature request based on Update 5.18.

Text spacing

Overall the narrower line spacing looks better, but highlighting boundaries haven't been adjusted, causing overlap partially obscuring the lines above. Notice also list items haven't been reformatted:


I would suggest keeping wider spacing for submission metadata, as the display now feels a bit crowded:

metadata spacing

The new manual entry field for text submissions also crops the instructions:

text submission cropping

User 'Contact' button

The fix for DM blocking appears to have crosswired the DM button on the user header: it only shows up on blocked users, not people you can actually message. :P


  1. There are no notifications for Group activity. On DeviantArt, Group administrative notifications occur in a separate stream from correspondence with users' own galleries; doing something similar here would probably require some reworking in concert with the potential UI overhaul, but since we're fairly low-traffic they could be folded into general notifications for now.
  2. I'm not sure who exactly has write permissions for Journals, but the submission link could be made more accessible: currently it's hidden away in [group] → "Manage Group" → "Journal Entries" [Manage] → "Add New Journal Entry", where as "Submit Art" is right there in the top banner.
  3. List Group membership on user pages, and link affiliated Groups in a submission's details. Currently Groups exist as little gated communities almost totally separated from the rest of the site, which drastically hobbles their discoverability.
  4. It's probably worth updating the FAQ with instructions for how Groups work. :P If I can get a run-down of the mechanics, I can draft the articles—they may warrant a dedicated section to keep the documentation organized.

Miscellaneous holdovers

These aren't related to 5.18 specifically but reiterated in case they've been buried:

  • Some forum threads don't notify me when there are new posts, and I still haven't identified a pattern as to why.
  • User handles (@ ...) link to GitHub in Previews, rather than the Side 7 galleries.
  • QP notifications. :B

RE: v5.18 After-Action Report
Posted: 17 Sep 2023, 02:23 AM

Text Spacing: Thanks for the head's up. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about the text highlighting. The only thing one can do with highlighting with CSS is change the color of it. I cannot change the height. But, I'll see what I can do about the meta data block.

Manual Text Entry: Oh FFS. It wasn't like that before. What the hell?

Contact Button: Ditto on this. It worked perfectly fine on the test server. What changed?

1: Yes, no notifications at this time was on purpose. There are people being inundated with notifications, and until the overhaul is done, I didn't want to add to that mess.
2: Only admins and the owner of a group can post Journal entries to the group. But, yeah, a "post a new entry" button on the journal page itself is probably a good idea.
3: Good ideas.
4: Yeah, the FAQ is on my list to do. I just haven't had the time to do it, yet.

Misc. Holdovers:
- I still haven't investigated the forums notifications issue, yet.
- The user handles @ tag in the preview is a quirk of the editor I'm using. I'm planning on replacing that editor, anyway, so...
- QP notifications are still something that would require a large refactoring of how QPs work. Not on the immediate to-do list, yet.

-- BK

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