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Factory of Madness: The Boy with a Wrench
Factory of Madness: The Boy with a Wrench by @rollee (Rollee Bitterblossom)

The ruins of Piedmont Factory are haunted by the ghosts of the children who were once made to toil endlessly in its walls, all the way to their demise in the Night of the Fire. Trapped in the building they hated in life, each ghost is an echo of their own unique tragedy. Some struggle to maintain some semblance of their humanity, others are now completely lost in the madness of death. This is their story

When Billy Sawyer first came to Piedmont all hell broke. Having quickly grown tired of the abuse the adult overseers dealt out to the other kids, Billy was the one who stood up for them. Things quickly escalated, but when the punishments turned violent, Billy turned violent back, fighting back harder. Atlas the former hero of Piedmont, would eventually fall victim to the Night of the Fire like everyone else and like everyone else, death held nothing back.

Like in his life, Billy remains a revolutionary leader. His natural charisma is now almost oppressive as it forcefully rallies the other ghosts to his cause. But rather than standing up for the weak, he is now driven by hate and wrath. He and his lackey's leads Piedmont's defense, making sure the factory is properly purged of any trespassers. Possessed by vengeance, his hatred is especially directed against any adults and so magnetic is his force of will that many of the more insane ghosts have adopted his vendetta. Piedmont factory is often dangerous, but while the ghost of Billy is awake, the factory becomes both garrison and slaughter house.

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Posted: Monday, 14 August, 2023 @ 04:39 PM
Rating: 5

It's pretty rare chibi minimalism actually works for macabre themes. The colours are excellent.

Given the blood, I'd advise rating this "T(V)" at least.

Posted: Monday, 14 August, 2023 @ 05:30 PM

@Thorvald: WIll do... um how do I edit this? (im new here)

Posted: Monday, 14 August, 2023 @ 05:48 PM

@rollee: Underneath the description is a drop-down menu, "Submission Tools & Stats", with a button marked 'Edit' on the right-hand side. From your user page you can also navigate to "Manage Gallery""Manage Content", and click the pencil icon underneath the thumbnail to jump to the edit page.

Posted: Monday, 14 August, 2023 @ 08:24 PM
Rating: 5

Ah, so something of a faction leader in this factory of death. It's putting together an interesting picture.

Posted: Tuesday, 15 August, 2023 @ 07:09 AM
Rating: 5


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