Sketchbook Minion
Sketchbook Minion by (@Agondray)

High school sketchbook drawing #15

One of the Minions from the Despicable Me franchise. I wasn’t thinking of any particular one or any that had a name, just a Minion. Although I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Illumination, I do feel their movies are enjoyable and memorable in their own way. There is just a certain charm to them.

This drawing was actually based on a sketch that was made by a coworker of my mom’s when she was still working at her old job. He did another Minions related sketch, but I thought the one for this drawing would be easier for me to replicate. It was actually kinda fun doing this one. This might be one of my favorite sketches I made.

Hope you enjoy!

Bonus Question: If you have one, what’s YOUR favorite Illumination film?

Minion (C) of Illumination Studios

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Posted: Sunday, 26 March, 2023 @ 05:12 PM

Never ask a woman her age,
A man his salary,
Where the Minions were between 1933–1945.

I'd heard good things about the original Despicable Me, but to date I still haven't watched it. Come to think, I don't think I've actually seen an Illumination film. :x

Posted: Saturday, 01 April, 2023 @ 01:01 AM

@Thorvald: Some questions are just best left unanswered.

The original Despicable Me was, in my opinion, a surprisingly heartwarming movie. That movie and the first Sing are favorites so far, though I am getting excited for the new Super Mario Bros. film.

Also, dang, never seen those helmets before. A source of inspiration perhaps? (cue X-Files theme)

Posted: Saturday, 01 April, 2023 @ 02:09 PM

@Agondray: Apropos of April Fool's, I remember wandering through the clearance section of the bookstore one day and stumbling on the book on Boilerplate. It... took me a while to figure out it was basically an AH.com article put to print. XD

Posted: Thursday, 06 April, 2023 @ 01:43 AM

@Thorvald: Ah, I see. LOL!

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