Sketchbook Grim Reaper
Sketchbook Grim Reaper by @Agondray

High school sketchbook drawing #16. Also the third Halloween related one.

I remember this one being a last minute concept. I didn’t even bother looking up references for skeletal feet, I just went with what I thought would work. Even then, I turned it in a day late; on a Friday instead of the usual Thursday. Although the teacher liked my sketch, I ended up getting only 3 points out of 5, because it was turned in too late.

I tried going for a more unique depiction of the Grim Reaper, giving it a belt and a black cape to go with it’s dark robes. The Reaper itself I colored a dark gray to give it a more morbid appearance, instead of the usual white colored bones. Even the scythe got some pizazz, with a dragon-like skull with fire breath emblazoned design.

Overall, I like how it turned out. Probably not my absolute best, but it still looks good in my opinion.

What do you guys/gals think?

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Posted: Sunday, 26 March, 2023 @ 05:16 PM

Skellies are one of the few things I never want to draw, mainly because bones are so fiddly. I don't fault you for skimping. :p

Posted: Saturday, 01 April, 2023 @ 12:19 AM

@Thorvald: Skellies are surprisingly challenging to draw. Though, I have thought giving it another go in the future.

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